Friends, Family & Business Partners

Matters between family, friends and business partners that cannot be resolved in private often end up in court.  The attorneys at Anderson Law Group have successfully represented clients in disputes over money lent, real and personal property ownership, business relationships and trust litigation.  Whether it is a difference of opinion between business partners, money loaned to a friend or a disagreement in a family-owned business, conflicts often arise because of individual needs and perspectives.

Preserving the relationship is often as important as resolving the issues.  We find that in most situations it is better to resolve the issues between the parties rather than undergoing the expensive route of litigation which can result in a court imposed solution which often leaves all parties unhappy.  We work closely with our clients to not only resolve the present dispute, but help them with preventing a recurrence in the future.

At Anderson Law Group our clients interests are our highest priority.  It is our goal to provide pro-active cost-effective legal services.